The driver was 2 hours at traffic lights

The driver was 2 hours at traffic lights

How to give virtual media company bus driver did not want to break the rules stood at the intersection near the Wolka Kosovo for almost 2 hours at a red light . Passengers were furious , but the driver defends his right.
The situation took place on the bus from Warsaw to Radom. For over 2 hours coach stood at the intersection near the Wolka Kosovo , which did not function properly part of the traffic lights. Do not operate a siren , just to go right where the bus was heading Polish carrier. Cars behind the bus quickly made ​​use of other possibilities – turned left or turned back . In contrast, the driver PolskiegoBusa decided to wait for the green light and definitely did not want to change course and call the appropriate services , which were able to repair signaling.

The whole matter one of the travelers said portal : ” From a distance you could see that the cork and we long moment on the approach to the intersection . Finally reached the same lights and after a few minutes , it turned out that one of the columns does not work. Still burning red. The other driver , including two other PolskichBusów , driving in our neighborhood followed the operative part of the signaling. “Our ” driver refused to drive further , arguing that it does not move until the light turns green . At the same time refused to notify the police, road , or even your own dispatcher . He said that passengers can do it themselves if they want to , and he will stand , because I do not take responsibility for breaking the rules. At some point, the atmosphere in the bus was close to lynching . The driver refused to anything, including the release of the passengers. All the while blocking the right lane without a mention of the warning triangle. The bus created a plug , the driver blew , screaming. We continue to become. ” – Says the passenger on relationship .

According to his relationship passengers took matters into their own hands. Phone the helpline PolskiegoBusa gave nothing – according to witnesses carrier ignored the situation. Road Service call accepted, but unfortunately just in Tarczyn accident happened and there was free transport , which could reach the unlucky intersection. The next step was calling the police . Patrol arrived on the scene after 20 minutes.

- The driver stopped in nearby cove was wylegitymowany and conducted a conversation with him . Mandate received none , no proceeding or administrative proceedings against him – said Maciej Blachliński , press officer of the District Police Commander- in Piaseczno .

December 13 in the pages of appeared a letter from the coach driver . It turns out that from his perspective the matter was quite different than in relation nervous passenger.

” Even before reaching the siren rang the emergency number 112 , indicating a problem with traffic at the intersection. At my request to send patrol police to direct traffic heard : ” The police are notified .” The combination took place a few minutes before 18.45 . ” – Reads the information sent by the driver.

It also stresses that it acted in accordance with the regulations and had in mind primarily the safety of passengers : ” Deciding to stop before the siren , I had no bad intentions , guided primarily for safety reasons and PORD rules and regulations on traffic signs and signals . I admit that I did not expect that the police , to which every citizen should be able to be in need, demonstrate to the slowness . I regret that passengers no longer takes this trip , but my priority was to secure handing them to the end. “

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Accident Polskibus moving from Rzeszow to Gdansk


Accident Polskibus moving from Rzeszow to Gdansk

14 people were injured in a collision with a lorry bus. Polish bus left at Rzeszow. 7.25. Most of the passengers were residents of Subcarpathian region.
Bus collided with a truck this morning on the national road No. 94 in Jadowniki in Malopolska. Polish bus left the chair. 7.25 from Rzeszow to Gdansk. It traveled 57 people, most of them residents of Subcarpathian region.

According to police information, 14 people were injured, including one seriously. This young girl, a citizen of Ukraine. She was transported to hospital by helicopter. Many people have been stuck on the bus.

At the scene of the accident victims were affixing and received professional care (relationship of the victim). Because of the accident the national road No. 94 is completely blocked. Police sets detours. The reason for the accident could be inappropriate speed for the road conditions.